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We're all a part of something larger, and Hanover Conveying Systems is no different. We work alongside our sister-brands, all operating under The Conrad Company, to bring you a diversified portfolio of services and products.

Allied specializes in the repair, rebuild and replacement of hydraulic motors, pumps, valves, cylinders and hydrostatic systems for a variety of industries.

From air compressors, vacuum pumps, air dryers, filters and more, Compressor Maintenance Co. offers the products and services needed to help increase productivity in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Extend the life of your Heavy Duty Trucks, Trailers, Machinery, Off-Road Equipment, and Yellow Iron with Precise & Consistent Flow Lubrication with GreasePoint.

PennAir exists to help people in manufacturing with pneumatics, hydraulics and automation through personalized service and industry-leading suppliers.

Hanover Conveying Systems offers stainless steel conveyors to give customers heavy-duty, long-lasting equipment. By utilizing standard modular plastic belting, our conveyors can be configured as straights, curves, turns, inclines, declines, and z-frames. 

Hanover Conveying Systems (HCS) specializes in stainless steel sheet metal fabrication for custom product development for the manufacturing community. Our laser cutting is equipped to handle large projects ranging up to 5’ x 10’ sheets up to 0.25” thick. 

Our conveyors are built for ease of assembly for faster cleaning and sanitation processes while being rugged and durable with minimal hardware. We comply with industry standards and regulations, such as USDA and FDA.