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Standard Designs

Utilizing standard modular plastic belting from manufacturers such as Intralox and KVP while incorporating superior construction, HCSI can build-to-order these conveyors to your specification.  Whether it be inclines, turns, straight-runs or a combination of all three, these designs incorporate a clean, robust, cost-effective approach and can typically be delivered in less than 4 weeks. With as little as some basic required dimensional information and a sketch, HCSI can provide a quotation within days. USDA and FDA specifications are not a problem with these smart and efficient stand-alone conveyors.
Elevator Conveyor
"Form, Fill & Seal" Incline Packing Conveyor

U-turn Sideflexing Conveyor
S-turn Sideflexing Conveyor
Pack-off Turntable
 Pack-off System
Incline & Turntable
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Controls and Automation
As part of HCSI's integrated systems design capabilities, our electrical engineering competency can design and build a control system to suit your application needs.  From manual controls to PLC-driven automation and operator interfacing,  HCSI will integrate the appropriate level of control necessary to create the desired level of automation.  Full documentation is provided with every control system, including CE certification where applicable, to make maintenance and installation easy.  We can also incorporate modularized connectivity between equipment and controls to allow for a "plug & run" installation. 

Not sure what level of automation is appropriate for your application?.....
HCSI can simulate your system or production line using state of the art computer software and provide a detailed analysis of potential inefficiencies or bottlenecks.  We then can propose system modifications and additions, along with revised simulation data, that can help your system or production line operate to its fullest potential. 

Whether your needs include simple manual controls or complex automation, HCSI can design, simulate, manufacture and integrate an appropriate control system for your application.

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Custom Designs
Specializing in the snack food and baking industries, HCSI has designed, manufactured and installed custom conveyor systems for a multitude of applications. From elevators to pneumatic conveying to entire process-specific conveying systems, we have the experience and manufacturing capability to design and build to suit your custom application.

Serpentine Conveyor
Close Radius Transfer Conveyor
Packing Station Conveyor
Automated Dump/Feed System

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New Technology
HCSI continues to look for new and improved ways to convey material that will allow for more efficient conveying systems. In pursuit of this objective, HCSI, along with its development partner, Sertek Systems, Inc., is proud to announce the patented conveying technology in the ArClampTM Conveyor System. With the ArClampTM conveyor, products can be conveyed up and down at extreme angles and even be inverted. The gripping action can be very delicate or very firm depending on the type of attachments mounted to the side gripper. You can invert this whole process by placing the ArClampTM over a product and gripping it from the top.
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